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Out With the Old. In with the LOVE.

I was inspired by @emilyvartanian and @vivianhoorn to clean out the closet of items I have held on to for years that no longer fit.⁣

These items have been my demons...⁣

Mocking me because I am no longer a size 8...⁣

Mocking me because I have a bit more junk in the junk...⁣

Mocking me because I stopped working out 6 hours a day due to not having college volleyball anymore... ⁣

These demons have been in my closet for 5-6 years. Just sitting there staring at me and laughing.⁣

It felt good to clean out the closet. Out with the old and in with the love. ⁣

Sometimes I still get really down because I am no longer extremely fit and bone skinny. ⁣

But I am in a new phase in my life where I no longer can spend 6+ hours working out. I’m in a new phase of my life where I am accepting my curves and accepting my “flaws.” ⁣

Being body positive to me means loving yourself no matter your size. Big, small, medium you are beautiful. I am beautiful. ⁣


So let’s stop the shaming and get rid of those demons hiding in the closet.⁣

Donate your old clothing to charities who give the items directly to people in need.

Clean out those closets and make room for self love.

You are beautiful.

You are worth it.

You deserve to be happy at this stage in your life.

What's one thing you do to make more room for self love?


Mrs.Freakin Forakis

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