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Let’s talk getting pregnant!⁣⁣

Let’s talk getting pregnant!⁣ ⁣ So many of you know how much I want a mini me and how much I want to start a family with @mr.freakinforakis . ⁣ ⁣ Well the time is here! We are officially trying for our first baby. >insert happy dance<⁣ ⁣

I wanted my trying to conceive journey to be “easy and successful” so I did research to try and find a device that had a high success rate in helping women understand their bodies and help them conceive.⁣ ⁣ That’s when I came across @ovusene ⁣ Ovusense is a small sensor you place inside you, like a tampon, at night and it tracks your temperature! In the morning you take it out, open their app, tap your phone to it, and bam! Your data is loaded and stored. ⁣Also you don’t even feel it when you have it in. ⁣

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What’s really awesome about this sensor is that it not only takes your temp but after a couple cycles it can predict your fertile window in advance! So I know exactly when to “baby dance” in advance. Once you ovulate your sensor will give you an exact date of ovulation. I decided to also do the pee test ovulation strips and they both matched up! Which is incredible. ⁣ ⁣

This device tells you so much and really has helped me understand my body even more. It helps so many women with PCOS and can even kind of predict if you have it by the way your charts look temp wise. One thing I have learned by using it is that my luteal phase is a smidge short. But that’s ok. I know early on and I can change my diet/take some vitamins to help lengthen it. ⁣I also learned that I ovulate two weeks after my period vs the normal week after.

(These are my personal charts)

It can also detect and let you know that you don’t ovulate at all or ovulate every other month. This device can really tell you everything and help you understand your body and help your OB or fertility doctor see patterns and such. ⁣

Another couple cool features are that they have a private Facebook group you can join and ask questions in. It’s been super helpful to me! You can also mark things on your chart like baby dancing, when you took a pregnancy test, spotting, cervical mucus type, pee ovulation test, and so much more. They have an online doctor you can see to ask any questions or email and get help understanding your charts. They don’t just send out the sensor and tell you to figure it out. They are really supportive and there for you. ⁣They truly want you to succeed in growing your family. Once you have a sensor you are apart of their family.

Another cool, maybe not intended feature, is if you use it after you ovulate you can possibly tell if you’re pregnant before a test does! All by your body temperature! Now talk about amazing!

I can’t recommend it enough. I am on my third month of consistently using it and will be using it daily until I get pregnant. We are on month two of trying and I just really can’t wait to see that positive pregnancy test. And I truly believe because of this sensor we will be successful in growing our family.

And guess what guys! They gave me a discount for you all!

Use code: FORAKIS20 for 20% off.

Baby dust to all!

Xoxo Mrs. Freakin Forakis

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