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Curly Girl Hair Products

Never have I ever had a bad hair day...


I have wavy/curly hair. And boy oh boy the FRIZZ is a nightmare. I always looked like I stuck my hair in a light socket! Because of the frizz I always thought I had to straighten, curl, or put heat on my hair to make it look decent.

That was until I found a thing called the "Curly Girl Method" and found the right products that work best for my hair.

I had to learn all about finding the right products that were approved and what chemicals weren't ok to use. I am still learning to this day but I have found some amazing products that make my hair curl like it has never curled before!

I have fallen in love with the Curly Girl Method approved products from Not Your Mothers.

(In a later blog post I will go more in depth about the Curly Girl Method but i just wanted to share my current favorite hair products!)

The products above are all Curly Girl approved and I can not rave about them enough. Below I have linked the products on Ulta's website!

I would love to hear what your favorite hair care products are; especially if you're a curl girl like me!



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